The Ric Mysterie Sound...
An original sound that incorporates Blues, Rock, Jazz and Zoot Suit sounds from the past, Ric Mysterie and the Gumshoes are breaking new ground, defining a new genre and appealing to music fans everywhere.

His unique sound and eccentric, spontaneous lifestyle have made Ric Mysterie a cult figure in music.  His underground fame has finally persuaded Ric and his band to release his music.  

Enjoy Ric Mysterie and the Gumshoes in their new Album "UP ALL NIGHT".

Where is Ric Mysterie?
Ric and his band "The Gumshoes" are not your typical musicians.  Their where-abouts are seldom known until unexpectedly surfacing in venues large and small to sing, play and party.  There is no tour schedule in the traditional sense, preferring to appear with little advanced notice in nightclubs, college campuses, parks and circus tents.   Quoting Mysterie: "Tour Schedules are commitments.  Last time I made a commitment, I ended up in court."

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