Ric Mysterie - Bio

Years ago,  a traveling circus came across a lost boy.  Raised by wild clowns, Ric came to know all the performers as family.  The child with the mysterious background grew to become a part of the troupe.  He at first played in the circus band.  He grew to not only become an accomplished songwriter, but also an escape artist and stunt performer. 

Over time, his act became the centerpiece of the show.  With his famous "Flying Butt-O-Fire" motorcycle daredevil act, he would wow the crowds with death-defying escapes.  Locked in a giant toilet filled with blue water, Ric would escape in the nick of time from the "Commode of Death".

His heart however, stayed with music and while touring the country, often found himself playing in a backstreet speak-easy or club, feeding on a musical diet of rock, blues, jazz and big band sounds. 

One day, the circus mysteriously burned to the ground.  The box receipts were later found missing as was the ringmaster and a fetching female acrobat with whom Ric had experienced a secret affair.   Heartbroken and jobless, Ric left to pursue his true passion in music.  By day he works as a private eye, searching for those unfortunate souls who make their way to milk cartons.  By night, he and his band of  "Gumshoes" play to the delight of audiences big and small.

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